Tip 1: Prepare and Review

Passing Licensure Examination could be a challenging and time-consuming process. However, you have the power to secure this goal if you adequately prepare and develop a plan prior to sitting down for the exam.

Tip 2: Time and Perseverance

One thing to consider is that any licensure examination is not about intelligence, it's about diligence.

Tip 3: Be Motivated

Motivated people are focused on a goal. They are visualizing about what they want to accomplish. They are determined by what they want to get, have, achieve, or attain.

Tip 4: A Day Before the Exam

Revision: Allocate sufficient amount of time in your study plan for drafting your own study notes which you could then use for revision purposes right prior to the examinations.

Tip 5: On Exam Day

You have come this far and after weeks of study, you are now ready to take your exam. And that is the attitude needed to forge ahead - an attitude borne out of determination to pass this important exam.

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